Hoodie Buying Guide

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There is a wide variety of hoodie designs available. They’re popular among adults of all sexes and can be worn by kids of any age. Hoodies are a popular choice for males since they provide extra insulation against the cold. Plus 2 Clothing does, however, have a number of fashionable hoodies with a wide range of options in terms of design, fabric, and extras. Learn everything you need to know about purchasing men’s hoodies here.

Factors to Think About

Zip-up Hoodies

Men who value versatility in their wardrobe or who do not want to ruin their fashionable hairdos often go for hoodies with zippers. Furthermore, Zip-up hoodies can be worn over either a t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt. Even if you don’t bring a T-shirt, you’ll be toasty warm. Many of these hoodies are constructed from long-wearing materials, however the zipper may wear out after several washes and tumble-dryers.

Pullover Hoodies

The presence of a zipper is one reason many guys opt for Pullover Hoodies instead. When it comes to hoodies, most men who don’t care for the zip-up style choose instead for the more traditional pullover style. It prevents the chafing that can occur from the zipper, so you can skip wearing a base layer. However, if you opt for a pullover hoodie, you’ll have to do your hair after you get dressed.

Fabric for Hoodies

In recent years, hoodies have been constructed using the same materials as sweatshirts. Men who are looking for warmth tend to favor fleece and cotton blends. Nowadays, there are a variety of styles of hoodies available on the market that feature breathable mesh lining, and male sportsmen tend to prefer these. Hoodies typically use fleece, cotton, or a combination of the two as the primary fabric.

Sleeve Size

While long-sleeved hoodies are the most prevalent, you may also find them with cap sleeves, short sleeves, or even none at all. When deciding on a sleeve length, many guys consider the occasion. For the warmer months, a hoodie with shorter sleeves is a good option.

Elastic Bands

A lot of men’s hoodies have drawstrings or elastic at the waist or cuffs. If you want a nice one, you should read up on their flexibility before you buy. When shopping for a t-shirt hoodie, for instance, you may notice that the fabrics used are not stretchy.

Design of a hoodie

Although there are still plenty of men who like simple hoodies without any prints or logos woven into the fabric, many of the hoodies on the market today feature eye-catching graphic designs. You can find them in stores and online promoting everything from your favorite teams and musicians to catchy slogans and worthy causes. Your choice of design purchase is always driven by personal taste.


The standard pullover is always a safe bet. However, we also have a variety of alternative fashions, including lace-up, full-zip, and raw-split-neck options.


In addition to picking a color and style, your customer will also have to decide on a pricing. There’s a wide variety of price points available, starting at $9 and going up to $33.


The widespread use of hoodies shows no signs of slowing down. It can be difficult to find a customer’s ideal look, but we believe that our extensive catalog will help you do just that.

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